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Ibanez wood fraud

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  • Ibanez wood fraud

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    I bought this Ibanez SR300E online, second hand, the box was dented and the styrofoam inside squashed when it arrived, apparently someone dropped it hard and a chunk of coating had chipped off (I'm surprised to see how thick it is).

    These were made with agathis bodies, but for a few years they used mahogany (current run uses nyatoh). I checked the serial number, she is from the year 2017, and so supposed to have a mahogany body, according to Ibanez's catalogues.

    But as far as I know, mahogany is a reddish kind of wood. This is a pale wood, dyed green.

    People over at the woodworking subreddit don't seem to think that's mahogany either.

    This is a bummer, I bought it because their 2017 catalogue said it was mahogany. Could have gotten a different model with a good tonewood for a few dozen euros more.

    Anyone else heard similar stories from Ibanez?
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    Re: Ibanez wood fraud

    Please define "good tonewood," or even "tonewood," for that matter, as they relate to electric guitars. Please point us to any research on this topic that provides solid answers as to how the selection of wood species in general can be used to reliably/predictably control the tonal properties of a single electric guitar. If you can, you win the Internet for 1,000 years.

    Go ahead and be annoyed by specs not being as claimed...but please don't bring wives tales about the subjective and nearly impossible to test superiority or inferiority of various "tonewoods" into it. It makes you look foolish.

    I can't even tell the color of the wood that well from your photo. It's not even in focus.
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      Re: Ibanez wood fraud

      Well I hate to say it but I once bought 2 identical Michael kelly guitars, same model, same pups, same wood, same finish, and they couldn't have sounded more differently.
      One was really midrangey and the other the darkest sounding guitar I ever heard.

      And it had translucent finish so they seemd indeed to be using the same kinds of wood (magogany with a maple cap).

      You might have a point there, in a sense, but then again, mahogany will never sound like maple and vice versa.

      The bass doesn't sound bad, but then I don't like to be conned either.


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        Re: Ibanez wood fraud

        Mahogany doesnít have grain lines. That looks like poplar.

        This is mahogany

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          Re: Ibanez wood fraud

          PS: Please let's all stay on topic: Ibanez lying about their specs.

          Please cease the tonewood debate here.


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            Re: Ibanez wood fraud

            Originally posted by DavidRavenMoon View Post
            Mahogany doesn’t have grain lines. That looks like poplar.

            Could it be aghatis?


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              Re: Ibanez wood fraud

              Could be. I havenít used it myself.

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                Re: Ibanez wood fraud

                I know of several Asian makers who claim mahogany, but use agathis or paulownia.

                This goes back to my argument about using the Latin name for the wood.
                Of course - it's hard to stop people (and companies) from outright lies.
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                  Re: Ibanez wood fraud

                  Agathis. Sometimes there's leftover bodies at different factories from previous model years, you don't just throw things away that are already made.


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                    Re: Ibanez wood fraud

                    My guess is that it was some recycling of cut wood going on in that factory. Probably common for inexpensive, thick opaque finished guitars.
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                      Re: Ibanez wood fraud

                      How does it sound?
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                        Re: Ibanez wood fraud

                        It sounds pretty good. A bit midrangey, and sustain could be better. But it's very versatile, with the coild split function and EQ. Super comfy neck, just great.


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                          Re: Ibanez wood fraud

                          You are butthurt about an Ibanez 300 level model. Your head is wooden.

                          If no one told you, you would happily be playing your "Mahogany" Ibanez and be happy as a clam. It's a Chinese guitar or a Korean. Either way much like low end Epiphones, I have always said they would chop up and press the cafeteria tables and make a guitar of that if they were low on a production run.

                          And even if they didn't, even pieces of Mahogany can vary wildly. Ask an Les Paul owner. Sometimes you get an "All Mahogany" for realz guitar, and some are bright, others dark as night.

                          Stop acting like you bought a Ferrari and they used Pleather for the seats. That butthurt is reserved for Gibson player. You know - they guys who payed multiple thousands of dollars for a guitar that they LOVED and then found out it was short tenon and weight relieved. Whatever.
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                            Re: Ibanez wood fraud

                            yeah if it sounds good.......

                            a used SR300 probably less than $200

                            now with shipping damage

                            Play it
                            be happy

                            I play my 300 way more than the much nicer 500
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                              Re: Ibanez wood fraud

                              Originally posted by WDeeGee View Post
                              It sounds pretty good. A bit midrangey, and sustain could be better. But it's very versatile, with the coild split function and EQ. Super comfy neck, just great.

                              You bought a guitar, if it plays and sounds fine - cool. You're ahead of the game. What exactly were you expecting from mahogany? "A bit midrangey" sounds like a pretty fair description of what many people expect from mahogany actually. :P

                              (FWIW - the brightest guitar I own has a mahogany body. With musical instruments the type of wood doesn't matter anywhere near as much as the individual piece of wood you get . . . and there's a lot of variation.)
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