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    Recently I played bass on a track (link here) and had borrowed a buddy's parts J-Bass to do it. I had a pretty good time, and decided even though I'm a guitar player, I should have a decent bass of my own to mess around with.

    Just yesterday I got an email from Long and McQuade about the annual Jack's Attic sale - for the uninitiated (which includes me), I learned this is a way to get stock that's been sitting on the floor for awhile cleared out at discount prices, including any used gear. I popped it open and took a look at my local Waterloo store, and one of the first items on the list was this beauty.

    After shooting a message over to my bassist, he confirmed he actually tried the very same one out the week before and was debating it. Truthfully I had never heard of Bacchus at all, but he had, and after a play test in the store I was confident this was a steal for a decent 5-string. The green quilt is really nice, the neck is comfy and not too wide, and the sound is all J growl, with active electronics and what I assume are the cheap stock pickups. There is no model number, serial number, or country printed on it, but the listing said it was the "Global Series" which AFAIK is one of their lower-end lines and not MIJ.

    But I don't care, the thing looks great, sounds great, and plays great! Check it out:

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      Looks like a badass bass! Nice find!


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        I've never heard of them either, but it looks like something everyone should know about. Congrats on your new bass, and your new bass-playing!
        Dave, Ambassador/Writer/Artist for Seymour Duncan


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          Ditch that cover, it limits a lot of what you can do. Otherwise, that's a sweet bass.
          "Patience is key. Hard work is obligatory. And it’s the decisions you make right now, not the habits of the past, that will shape your success in the future." - Janek Gwizdala


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            Search on Reverb, you can buy them from Japan. I've looked at a few, glad to hear the quality is there.



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              That top is killer, wow. I would put a clear pickguard.