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  • Surveyor '87

    Does anyone have any experience with this bass

    I can barely find any reviews of this which is strange considering we're talking about ESP / LTD here. Anyway, I'm playing through Ibanez SR-300 right now and I'm looking for something that's versatile and can cover vintage / classic tones a bit better. I'm also not a fan on active electronics so this looks like a perfect fit.

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    that looks like a great bass, no idea what it cost, but it looks like a nice modern p bass


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      I have an LTD Surveyor 5 and it's an incredible bass for the price. I prefer it to basses costing twice the price. If the Surveyor '87 is as good, I would say it would be on-par with an Ibanez Premium, so a major upgrade from your SR-300. Gotoh bridge and SD pickups, cannot really go wrong!


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        My bass playing leans more toward fretless anymore, but there's nothing wrong with a PJ. I bet that LTD is a great player.
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          Specs look good
          "New stuff always sucks" -Me


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            Just another "looks good, nicely factory equipped", comment.