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Re-using bass strings without breaking?

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    Yeah, well...

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      How the eff do you break a bass string???

      Also, you can solvent wash em to get them back to zingy.... WD40>Kerosene>90% Isopropyl iirc
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        Originally posted by Demanic View Post
        Humans have no idea how much material they shed in any given moment.
        We’re pretty nasty lol


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          Originally posted by Adieu View Post
          How the eff do you break a bass string???
          Bending the portion that’s wound around the tuner too many times taking it on and off can break the core.
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            I put an old set of DRs on my jbass the other day. They arent as old as your flats but i dont see how you will break them if you arent doing something drastic to them. I have sets of old flats laying around and i intend to use them again in the future. Precision Flats. I dont even think i could break them by re-installing them but as I said,they arent as old as yours. James Jamerson broke a favorite string and sent it to the company asking if they could weld it or fix it in some way. Like Mr. Jamerson,if u break one you will just have to start over and beat the miniscule amount of brightness out of another set of new yet dead strings. I hear slathering them in mayonaise speeds up the deadening of the already dead strings. Precision Flats are the only flatwounds I have ever used and I dont understand how anyone can be so horrified by the sound of a fresh set. They are brighter when new but rolling back the tone knob a bit usually makes new flats sound like old flats. I put a set of halfwounds on my jazz bass last week and they werent on the bass 24hrs. Theyre in a box waiting to be installed on a stingray next. I have shoe boxes full of sets of old strings and i hqve never broken one re-installing them. I have broken a tuner installing old flats but never a string.

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