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    Since funk bass is all about the slap much of the time, a pedal pre and a rack amp (bridged to mono) would suit most of my needs.
    Maybe a few effects, like compression, chorus, auto-wah (envelope filter).

    Used rack amps are like potato chips in pawn shops and music stores.
    A good used one will cost about $200 US, allow for bridging to mono (combining the power of both channels), and take high-impedance inputs.

    Eddie Coryell, a friend of mine who passed away, was a wizard on standup and electric.
    Of all things, he used a Behringer head combined with a QSC amp.
    The Behringer was the preamp, and the power section drove a 2x10 with a piezo tweeter. The pre out went to the rack amp for a 2x15 JBL.

    He covered everything from Memphis R&B to jazz to country. A Musicians Institute grad, who became an instructor.
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      Mincer and Ace mentioned the Tech 21 VT and VT DI. I have a VT Deluxe on my board for bass duties and I love it. If you need a cabinet, any decent powered monitor will work and not take up a ton of space.


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        Originally posted by chadd View Post
        Mincer and Ace mentioned the Tech 21 VT and VT DI. I have a VT Deluxe on my board for bass duties and I love it. If you need a cabinet, any decent powered monitor will work and not take up a ton of space.
        Yeah, and even if you have a regular rig, this would be a great backup rig in case it goes down.
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          I€™ve owned or played LOTS of bass amps. Ampeg, Fender, Guild, Acoustic, Sunn, Trace Elliott, SWR, GK, Peavey€ (I€™ve been playing 53 years). I currently own a Mesa 400+ and a Hartke LH500. The Hartke is my favorite so far.

          If I were to buy a new bass amp today it would be a Hartke LX8500 (800 watts) or TX600 (600 watts). Both have a class A tube preamp and great tone shaping capabilities, as well as built in drive and compression.

          My LH500 (500 watts) is loud as hell. I was able to over power a 6 piece classic rock cover band with a loud drummer with no problem. Lol. The new heads are lighter and louder.

          And not as expensive as some of the ones you mentioned that aren’t any better.

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            I have an Ampeg SVT/810E. One of the perks of the lightweight amp trend is that the older, heavier stuff is going for cheap. I’m in the market for an Ampeg 212 or two for smaller stuff, but they’re hard to find used and expensive when they do show up.

            Because used 810s are so cheap I’ve thought about buying a few and leaving them in a few key spots (drummers house, my basement, my garage so I never need to pull the one out of my basement, etc).

            On the lightweight side I use a Mesa WD-800 and a pair of Subway cabs (115 & 210). Small stuff, stuff with stairwells and rehearsals I mostly use the WD-800. I could play any gig with this kit and it sounds awesome, but the Ampeg gear has a tone that I adore.

            Lastly, a SansAmp VTDI. In a pinch it’ll turn pretty much anything into an SVT.
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              I'd probably go for an old GK head in the 5 to 7 hundred watt range. Bi-amp capable.

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                I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Mark amps.
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                  just did 4 days ago - Fender Rumble 500
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                    Originally posted by Benjy_26 View Post
                    I'm sueprised nobody's mentioned Mark amps.
                    This would be my choice. While I was gigging I obsessed over minute details in bass gear. Now that I'm not, I just don't hear that many fine details and differences in bass tone anymore. I've always liked the Mark stuff for sheer volume, interesting controls, light weight, and cool colors.
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                      I use a Hartke HA3500 head with a 4x10 and a 15.

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                        I wouldnt buy any Mesa Boogie and there are plenty of repair techs posting youtube vids about them so you can let them speak on Mesa Boogie.

                        Aguilar doesnt make anything that isnt great,imo. Expensive though.
                        Darkglass as well.
                        EBS has phenominal bass heads. Take your pick.
                        Orange is a favorite of mine but if you are playing funk they may not be your bag.

                        Dont dismiss the "try it for yourself" answer. The heads you listed are all pricey and you shouldnt drop that amount of coin on an amp without going to the guitar store and putting all of your options through the paces. Crank them loud and try all of them. You dont want to drop 1000-2000 on an amp and not love it or be wondering if you should have bought the other one.

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