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Does anyone ever use tremolo on a bass?

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    Originally posted by Adieu View Post
    Smiths - How Soon is Now...or maybe that was just guitar, but somebody had a cover with bass tremolo? I forget
    Yes, that is a "kinda" triple-tracked guitar. One guitar into two Twin Reverbs set at different tremolo speeds recorded in stereo and a slide guitar track.

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      Kahler USA still does make several bass trems. They are quite expensive. He may mean that it’s not a factory option anymore.


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        Lamb Of God's bass track for Pathetic is totally using tremolo or heavily strip-silencing it in a manner that sounds exactly like a tremolo at 3:20 here (I've heard the track minus the drums and it's more obvious there)

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          Click image for larger version

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          This is the one that I built. Digging it so far.


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            Originally posted by Dudeman7 View Post
            This is the one that I built. Digging it so far.
            Nice name. So . . . that's a bass tremolo?


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              Originally posted by ArtieToo View Post

              Nice name. So . . . that's a bass tremolo?
              It's good for bass or guitar. It doesn't have any frequency filtering or tone stack so what goes in, comes out a'throbbin'.


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                The name is awesome

                I have never used the effect on bass. I'd love to hear it though.

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                  I have 4 Basses, and 18 pedals capable of Tremolo. They have somehow never crossed paths...
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                    Been using an Earthquaker Devices Night Wire on my bass board lately. That one is a game changer. Not only is it a terrific harmonic tremolo, but it offers a range of control that is uncommon.

                    This thing gives me the ability to control the speed of the trem with my playing dynamics, and by extension, my volume control. It's pretty wild and opens up rhythmic possibilities that were previously unavailable to me.


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                      I just think dubstep.
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                        Originally posted by alex1fly View Post
                        I just think dubstep.
                        I love dubstep. Even though I don't know where that name came from.


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                          I'm surprised everyone here missed the most famous example. Pink Floyd's One Of These Days is built around a slow tremolo on the bass and feeding that into a delay. (at least the back half of the song)
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