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    Could have found the same answer in post #5, but as long as he found it, ok.


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      Originally posted by beaubrummels View Post
      Could have found the same answer in post #5, but as long as he found it, ok.
      I'd like some food with that salt, please

      Just teasing.

      So what's the plan? Is it important enough to rewire? Or are you going to work around it? Still lots of knob positions with full volume. Also, in a band setting I find a volume boost on the bass to be pretty useful... you could play in the center position most of the time and then treat the blend knob like a boost. Just thinking out loud.
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      Anyone who *sings* at me through their teeth deserves to have a bus drive through their face


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        Originally posted by WDeeGee View Post
        A blend pot is two pots on top of each other with reversed tapers: if one pot is at 100%, the other is at zero. If one pot is at 30% the other is at 70%; in the middle position, both tapers are at 50%, hence the volume drop at the center position.
        Actually, that's a "ganged" pot, which most people wouldn't use for a "blend" pot. A true blend pot only has a resistance track halfway around. So, in the middle, both wafers are at 100%.

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