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New bass build nearly done.

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  • New bass build nearly done.

    Hi everybody, it's story time.

    So a few years back on this forum I asked what tools a person needed to build a guitar. After receiving the replies (mostly saying to take lessons or just don't because I obviously have no clue what I'm doing) I deleted the thread and sulked for a bit. After getting a grip I decided that basing my feelings on forum replies was a daft thing to do, so I just went for it, with some help from my dad. We built a 7 string guitar together (mostly him) which had a baseball bat for neck, questionable craftsmanship on the bits I did, and neither of us had any clue what we were doing. Still it was finished and now spends most of it's life on the wall.

    Fast forward 5 (ish) years and here is the latest project. The 4th guitar I've ever been part of building, and the 3rd to be constructed entirely on my own, no dad in sight. It's also the 2nd guitar to get close to completion, so a 50% success rate all round. Good right? It's still got some work left before it's playable, but seeing as the lacquer has now gone on it's time, I think, for the reveal.

    This one is a 4 string fretless bass, and here's some detail:
    -34" scale length
    -2 seymour duncan QP jazz bass pickups going in neck and middle and a ceramic music man bridge pickup
    -Tuners are schaller da vinci bass
    -Bridge will be a schaller 3D-4
    -Controls will be vol/vol/vol, because who needs a tone control anyway?
    -Body woods are black limba with a katalox top
    -Neck wood is cherry with a purpleheart 10" radius fretboard

    I'm no Crossley or Orpheo, definitely a novice, but I have fun building these things. I was originally going to paint the neck and main body red, and have a contrast with the dark katalox top. However, I spilt some 'jacobean' brown stain on some offcuts and had a change of heart. As I started staining I realised the instrument was looking like some old furniture, or the planks on the deck of an old galleon or something. It also kind of added to the vibe where my signs of poor craftsmanship were now looking more purposeful. This was awesome! So I then went full bore on it, sanding in some pale spots through the stain, overstaining elsewhere and just generally going a little mad. The more weathered the look, the cooler it got, and when I was happy I sealed it and coated it with a small amount of gloss lacquer, for some contrast.

    Hope you enjoyed trying to survive the wall of text. I've over pontificated enough now. Enjoy the pics!

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    Congratulations, it looks great!! I'm glad to see you didn't give up on your dream of building. I wish I could do it. That thing is going to be a beast with that pickup configuration.


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      Wow, that is a very cool, unique looking bass- thanks for sharing!
      Dave, Ambassador/Writer/Artist for Seymour Duncan


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        Two thumbs up from me.
        aka Chris Pile, formerly of Six String Fever


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          Definitely a cool shape and color! I think it turned out great!
          I miss the '80s (girls) !!!

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            Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing! The stain is super cool. Who discouraged you back in the day? We'll go rough 'em up

            Seriously, good for you for ignoring the naysayers and doing what you want. That takes guts. And who cares what the result is as long as you're having fun? The results are likely only going to get better.

            Got room for a tone control though? Obv do what you want, but for me the tone control is immensely useful. I guess as long as you have some way to roll off treble, you're probably okay. An EQ pedal or something would let you toggle highs on and off. It's nice to have that extra treble on tap for when you want your part to peak out a bit more. Or maybe you'll just achieve that with your pickup volume blends. It'll be interesting to see how it turns out and how you end up using it! Keep us posted
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              Wow, that looks incredible.

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                Thanks for the nice comments everyone! It's good to hear that others like it too, I must be doing something right!


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                  Most haters are just jealous because you re brave enough to try something they are afraid to do.

                  excellent work!
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                    HSS Bass? Awesome!
                    The things that you wanted
                    I bought them for you