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Cleaning rosewood fretboard?

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    I always use linseed oil. What they use for hockey sticks etc. I don't bother to clean beforehand really, just run a rag over it first, then slop the oil on liberally with a rag.

    I take the tuners out, theread some rope through and suspend the guitar in the garage, put heaps of oil on the fingerboard then leave it for a day or so. The drier parts, where the wood has slurped up the oil, I then reoil.

    Well, that's what I've always done. I oil the body at the same time too, but that's a different oil.
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      Scroll down and click on the link that says 'this'.
      It will take you to a page with a complete fingerboard/fretpolish job that has many pictures. Great site!


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        Originally posted by italic zero
        If you leave the strings off overnight, won't the neck warp? I mean, my guitar teacher reccomends me to replace the strings one at a time to minimize warping. I like to only have to adjust the truss rod less than 10 times a year.
        That's my routine-never had a problem with warping and there's dust an inch thick on my truss nuts. I also try to keep the room temp/humidity constant as well as similar string gauges.
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