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Clapton at the Garden!

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  • Clapton at the Garden!

    I wasn't really sure what to expect. His new CD is very mellow and quite honestly I was expecting a very low key show. Boy was I wrong. He came out with "Crash" blazing. The entire band just rocked the house. Had the whole place on there feet after 2 songs (see set list). The beauty of seeing Clapton perform is he has such a great wealth of music to choose from. Recent shows have obviously been about promoting a new album. He only played 4 or 5 tunes from the new CD, the rest was a very wide assortment of his gratest hits. Here is the set list
    1. Let it Rain
    2. Hoochie Coohie Man
    3. Walk out in the rain
    4. I wanna little girl
    5. I shot the Sheriff
    6 Me and the Devil Blues
    7. They're Red Hot
    8. Milkcow's Calf Blues
    9. Posession over judgement day
    10. Kind hearted women
    11. Got to get better in a little while
    12. Have you ever Loved a woman
    13. Badge
    14. Wonderful Tonight
    15. Layla
    16. Cocaine
    Sunshine of your Love (With Robert Randolph)
    Got my MOJO working. (With Robert Randolph)
    A couple of these songs I have never heard him perform live and I have seen him since he played with Cream.

    Anything you hear that states that he is getting old! Get that thought out of your mind. His playing was FLAWLESS, his Vocals were dead on. I can honestly say he was amazing. The rest of the band did an amazing job as well. Nathan East pumped the Bass keeping it all together. Doyle Brammell did an admirable job playing 2nd guitar(glad I ain't him couldn't imagine trying to play well standing next to Clapton). He played some real tasty slide, and some great chord work as well, not to mention a few pretty good solos. Both Keyboard players kept it smooth as well.I am not 100% sure but I think the drummer was Steve Gadds. Whoever he was he did a great job. What a great group of musicians. I would say that Tuesday nights show was one of the better ones I have seen. IF tickets are available and he is coming to town BUY THEM!!! You don't want to miss this show!

    As far as gear is concerned He used three guitars during the whole show.
    1. Crash Strat: (Custom painted sig. model)
    2. Black Sig. strat he used for slide(with Lace sensors)
    3. Black Martin Acoustic.(this did not appear to be his sig Martin)
    The Amps he was playing through I believe to be a Custom tweed that Fender made for him when he did the album with B.B. King. He also played through a small wooden Amp, and was obviously swiching between the two. The small Amp was about the size of a Princeton, and he used this on many of the lower volume pieces where he needed a good clean tone. As far as effects go the only item on the floor was a switch to select the Amps, and a Crybaby.
    Doyle Brammel had 2 Plexis: One for clean and One with Drive. He also had what appeared to be a tweed Bassman. He used a LP Jr. for slide, an old Strat, and SG and a Dobro.

    All in all a very enjoyable evening!
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    Re: Clapton at the Garden!

    I was always a huge fan of Clapton in all his forms. I could've seen him in Toronto, but missed it I really wanted to go to the crossroads in Dallas this summer, but nobody would take that trip with me.
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