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Proper way to block trem

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  • Proper way to block trem

    I have a Carvin dc-135t with the Wilkonson trem but I want to block it. I'm tired of always having to play the guitar in standard and want the ability to change tunings more easily b/c the floating trem makes even drop-d a chore to tune to. So what is the proper way to block off a trem without turning it into a permanent hardtail? Also, is this something I can do myself or am I better off taking it to a tech, keep in mind I don't work on my guitars much except for changing strings and cleaning.

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    Re: Proper way to block trem

    There are a few ways, here the most common. The first one is a "quickie fix" ....

    1. A stack of pennies, dimes, whatever. Works well, but increase the string tension and donīt even think about touching the bar....

    2. (the most senseful way IMO ) Cut a hardwood block to fit between the front edge of the trem cavity and the front edge of the block, under the springs (Front = "neckwards side"). Glue this block into the cavity, and voila: You now have a trem that can only go down. To reverse it just knock the block out again

    You can put a second block on the other side of the sustain block, but IMO it isnīt worth the extra effort, as the aded benefit is negligible to me, and now the trem is fully blocked.
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      Re: Proper way to block trem

      If you have a claw for your trem springs, screw it in all the way. I' ve also got all five springs on mine. Go to the hardware store and buy a bag of wooden shims. You will have to cut them down and fit them in tight. Take a small rubber mallet and hammer them in good. You should be good. If you ever want to use it again, just pull the shims out.