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Recovered an amp, PICS

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  • Recovered an amp, PICS

    This used to be a Rogue 50 watt bass amp. It was my bassists, and he blew it out, but he had the cabinet lying around for a while though. Sometime between blowing it and giving it to me, he spray painted it a few times, a gross blotchy silverish color that came off on your clothes and your carpet and everything, also, the back was gone.

    I wanted a keyboard amp, so i asked the owner of the amp inside of here to let me use it, it's an alesis 100 watt stereo power amp. I had to hack up the cabinet quite a bit to make it fit.

    So anyway, I made the back for it, I found some cool white leather stuff (with a cotton-y backing, but oh well) in my closet, and the grillcloth is stuff that i had outside out by the pool for shade.

    It was my first attempt at doing anything like this, and i didn't want to spend all that money and waste it, plus wait until i had no inspiration to do it.

    but alas, it's not loud enough. I'm going to put in some kind of preamp. My girlfriend gave me her old practice amp, so i used that for one, and that worked good, so i wanted to build it in, but i messed it up (and got a big electrical shock my arm still tingles, and that was yesterday) somehow, although i think it's just a fuse.

    Without further ado, blondie:

    On the second pic, you can see where it's a little cinched where the amp meets the cabinet. I just straightened that out, it was an accident.
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    Re: Recovered an amp, PICS

    Looks great... I hope you're ok from that shock though
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      Re: Recovered an amp, PICS

      I've seen the white fuzzy backing on 'marine grade vinyl'...good upholstery stuff, but will cut easily and less durable than Tolex. Looks good for a first timer, rock out with Blondie!

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        Re: Recovered an amp, PICS

        Looks good....Nice job,nice and professional!

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