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Is a Semi Hollow Body for me?

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    Re: Is a Semi Hollow Body for me?

    Originally posted by BluesGuyJ
    Peavey looks like a good bargin but I'm looking to do it big time. I'd like to get my hands on a guitar I'm proud to hold, no more $350-ish guitars. I'd like something that's great and awesome and that will make me want to play more. I'm not saying that I dont want to play, I already play 4 + hours a day. But I'm thinking about a Epiphone Lucille and then throwing some Seth's in, or a ES 137 Classic, or a used ES 335, or 345 used. I'll check out the Dean EVO Del Sol. I've got two guitars from that line and even though they are cheap, Dean makes high quality guitars.
    To be honest, I've played the Gibosn hollowbodies, but I still like the feel and tone of my Dean Chafin Del Sol more. It's hard to explain, all I have to say is just try it out at a store if you can. The stock pickups are a bit hot and are great for blues, but I switched them out for Dimarzio Virtual PAFs. In fact, I just got it back from the shop today (wiring implications with the archtop), and it sounds unbelievable. All the tones are so rich and I can do anything from funk to high gain to sparkling chimey cleans without breaking a sweat. The neck pickup gives it just enough thickness to cut through on blues.

    It's all about how it fits the individual. You may like the guitar because you like Deans yourself. I love the looks (the sun inlays are killer and the flame on it will surprise you), the build quality, the simplicity of it all (one volume, one tone & a three way) and most importantly the tone.

    With that said, if I were to do it all over again, I'd consider either a P90 equipped Hamer archtop or a Heritage ES-335. Still, I love my guitar and it's superior to a lot of guitars I've played.
    Originally posted by kevlar3000
    I learned a long time ago that the only thing that mattered regarding tone was what my ears thought.
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    Better is often the enemy of good
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    Covers feed the body, originals feed the soul.


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      Re: Is a Semi Hollow Body for me?

      You've got the solidbody Deans already so a semi-hollowbody would be a great addition. I have a semi-hollow Les Paul and of the 9 or 10 Pauls I've owned, it is my favorite. The hollow body adds a nice resonance and sweetness lacking in solid guitars. Play as many as you can and get the one that feels and sounds best to you.


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        Re: Is a Semi Hollow Body for me?

        [QUOTE=BluesGuyJ] But I'm thinking about a Epiphone Lucille and then throwing some Seth's in, or a ES 137 Classic, or a used ES 335, or 345 used. QUOTE]

        What ever guita you decide upon definately put the seths in. I have them in my Tokai 335 knock off and they are awesome.

        Have a listen to some of Marins suff on his 335 -
        I only know 3 chords but I play 'em real good

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