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How long do your picks last?

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    I use the gator 1.14mm - they seem to last a month or two.

    Sometimes I need to sharpen them by sliding them across carpet - gets the point back again and makes them last longer.

    Works well.


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      Tortex 0.88 user here and they usually last 2 weeks for me. Did you ever notice they make your sound thinner when holding with picture side facing floor? Try it!
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        I have no idea. I have tons of them laying around and I just pick up one that's close to me.


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          dunlop 1.14s lasted 2 week with me but now i use dunlop Jazz IIIs which seem to last forever
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            Originally posted by Chi3f
            btw- mr wolf or anybody else that has the boss ge-7... does it make a big difference for you? did you have a really bad sound before or did you think it sounded good then you got that pedal and really got what you were after? i was thinking about adding one to my arsenal but wasn't sure if it would be worth it.
            yes, big difference. i use one in my chain and its on for all the rhythmn parts at a little bit comressed volume and then turn it off for the solo boost. the way that is working for me is that i have a slight scoop on the GE-7 and then boost mids on the amp so it so great for the rythmn and i can turn it off for the mid boost for the solo

            as for picks, ive tried the dunlop tortex picks. something about them i didn't like too much, i guess ive become used to the fender mediums (which i use) but given the situation i really dont care what pick im using unless its extra heavy, i cant stand those for guitar (good for bass though)


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              I use Dava control picks - they seem to wear just to the side of the tip in about 4-5 weeks for me.

              But then I flip it over and play the other side.


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                Fender Premium Celluloid, Heavy.
                Life expectancy is about 3 hrs.
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                  I'm intrigued by these Ultex picks. What are the main differences between them and Tortex? I wonder about trying something new.