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ADA MP-1: Are these things as good as I think?

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  • ADA MP-1: Are these things as good as I think?

    I was lookin at some of the mods on, and I started listening to some sound clips. The lead tones on the modded ADA MP-1 BLEW ME AWAY. Do these things really sound this good?! If so, I only need a power amp and cab to make it a complete working amp, right? I want to use this for metal, dark hard rock, and some clean work: would this be a good choice? Comments appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: ADA MP-1: Are these things as good as I think?

    i am probably in the minority around here, but i love rack gear ... and yup, they are that good, especially for the music you are wanting to play ... some killer tone was created with those bad boys back in the 80s .. they are no longer made new, correct? so you are talking about an approximately 20 yr old crap shoot on the used market - then a pile of dough for the mods ... sounds risky to me, but i suppose it's doable especially if you find real clean pieces ...

    in addition to the power amp and cab, you'll need a midi foot controller if you intend to switch between different sounds when playing live

    good luck
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      Re: ADA MP-1: Are these things as good as I think?

      I love rack gear too, atleast for my at home practice rig purposes. I have one of the Voodoo modded units and they are pretty damn incredible in all honesty. It sounds too much like my Voodoo modded Marshall though, so I am selling it in the TRADING section here at the Seymour Duncan site. Got anything you wanna trade? I am willing to make a deal.........

      I have 5 modded ADA's ( and several heads) if that tells you how much these things rock when they are modified.

      Good Luck!!!!!


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        Re: ADA MP-1: Are these things as good as I think?

        It'll work for the style of music you want it for no problem... if it doesnt, you can always mod it for 1 of the mods from

        There is the 3TM, 3.666, Mod4 Mark II, Mod3, Mod 3.1, etc..

        Definitly a bang on the buck unit... pair it up with a good tube poweramp, a good all analog circut multieffects (Rocktron Intellifex) and a good cab and your rocking.

        I use the 3TM and I couldnt be happier. If you want to hear clips, check here:

        good luck,


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          Re: ADA MP-1: Are these things as good as I think?

          Pros: heavenly tone, tone and some more! We have a MB1 bass preamp and it eats alive anything. I have seen and heard MP1 preamps around coupled with Mesa or Peavey poweramps and in various musical environments the tone was superb.

          Cons: in my personal experience, if the cheepo stooooopid one-piece push-foil frontpanel (the same construction as you can find in remote controllers and soopacheepo far-Eastern calculators, maybe a littlebit more durable) breaks you won't be finding an another one to replace it. And, the frontpanel foil switches WILL break as ours did because it's an old unit and foiled plastic isn't made for the tomorrow. Now, we have a superb sounding preamp that doesn't work. Its modification into normal switches is on the way.

          Okay it is cheap, if you take the risk and you're lucky you can be extremely happy with your tone. Just my 2 cents.
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            Re: ADA MP-1: Are these things as good as I think?

            What Necro is saying is true, if you buy an abused unit that the user has constantly "cycled through" the presets manually, then the buttons will get worn out. If the user uses the midi pedal board to cycle through the presets, realistically the front panel could be as good as new. The ADA stuff is durable as hell, but just like anything else..........if you beat it up constantly, something has to give. I have 5 ADA Mp-1's at the moment and all of them are in excellent shape, because most serious ADA users are going to use the midi capability to switch the presets, but there are always those units out there that someone has ONLY used the buttons on the front!!!!!!!!

            Good Luck!!!!!!!