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Please..Maple neck speed Satin vs. Gloss

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  • Please..Maple neck speed Satin vs. Gloss

    In your experience what finish on a neck is faster satin or gloss?

    1. Satin finish on maple neck is faster

    2. Gloss finish on maple neck is faster
    Satin finish on Maple neck
    Gloss finish on Maple neck
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    Definitely satin with medium jumbo frets.

    As much as I love the look of tinted glossy finish and vintage frets,
    those necks feel foreign to me.

    Sometimes, I wish Les Pauls and PRS guitars had satin finished necks, but I'm not about to start sanding! That would be a nice option for those companies to consider.
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      Originally posted by Gearjoneser
      Definitely satin with medium jumbo frets.

      As much as I love the look of tinted glossy finish and vintage frets,
      those necks feel foreign to me.

      Sometimes, I wish Les Pauls and PRS guitars had satin finished necks, but I'm not about to start sanding! That would be a nice option for those companies to consider.
      I know you aren't asking,but I get around pretty quickly on rosewood also...Gloss tends to slow me down and get squeeky when wet...Sometimes is just as if the gloss causes some resistance while sliding along the neck...I'm not saying the gloss itself is sticky...I guess most of you can relate to what I mean?

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        I am the outcast, I love gloss lol.


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            I always hated finished necks...especially the gloss and painted ones. The I ordered a satin finish Warmoth neck. No complaints, and personally, I think it's as nice (well, nearly as nice) as unfinished wood.
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              The satin finish feels better, as it tends not to get sticky from sweat and dirt and such. However I have no problem with moving around on either of them, I just prefer satin.

              ...but I do like the vintage tint, though. My '92 American Floyd Strat was a vintage tint on the neck but it's a satin finish! Perfect look and feel. I wish Warmoth would add this "vintage satin" option to their finishes. I love the vintage look but I want the satin.


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                Don't like gloss finishes at all on necks. I usually lightly sand my necks with 000 grade flour paper to give a nice smooth feel.
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                  I love the poly satin gloss on my JV necks...has a nice vintage look too and never sticky, just rights feel. I can handle the gloss, but satin does work better.

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                    i prefer satin but im not too fussy either way. its not like gloss is unplayable :6:
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                      I had a stock satin finish on my Ibanez neck. Sanded it down to bare wood and oiled it - imho, it plays quite a bit faster and smoother now.

                      Oiled finish all the way!
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                        Over the 2: Satin, feels faster ato me, and I have the same "stickiness issue" with gloss necks as SD97.

                        I prefer them completely unfinished, sanded to 2000Grit, and polished with 0000 Steel wool, though
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                          Satin vs. Gloss

                          I think satin finish is fastest, but both of my Strats are gloss. I never used to be able to play on gloss, but I've been playing LPs for so long that I just got used to it. I put gloss necks on my Strats so that my guitars would feel consistent instead of one being far smoother than the others.
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                            ive never had problems with either
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                              Neither...I prefer oil finishing, like on my Wolfgang. Fastest, smoothest neck you will ever play...although the lack of a hard finish can sometimes cause stability problems with a neck. Peavey uses a double truss rod and graphite reinforcement to prevent this from happening.

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