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    With the POD 2.0 I think it calls for a midi unit of some kind in order to get your POD 2.0 hooked up with your computer so you can download presets from the Sound Diver CD into the POD. Correct me if I'm wrong guys. Or is the Sound Diver CD just for using the deep editing feature. If so that would mean that one has to go to somewhere on the web to get the list of presets or patches of famous guitarists. I used to be able to do that, but since they changed up the Line 6 offical site I can't get to the artist' patches anymore or maybe I'm doing something wrong. Could someone guide me through the process one click at a time to help me get to the page where I can see the POD 2.0 settings of different guitarist's tones? Or is there another site where it is simplified. I don't have a midi unit but if I could just print them out I could configure mine by hands on.

    Another question.
    With the POD XT does one still have to have a midi unit to connect with the computer or can one now just plug in with USB cables or some other cable?
    What requirements does you computer have to have to use the software that comes with the POD XT? How does one go about getting the new updates into the POD XT?

    Sorry for all these questions but I would much appreciate it if someone could help me out.

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    Re: POD Questions

    I dont own one, but I think this is right (from looking at the manuals): the POD 2.0 needs a midi interface, the XT uses the USB port. For the 2.0, just get a midi/joystick cable, so you can edit onscreen and it makes changes in you POD.
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      Re: POD Questions

      Yeah, mincers right. Usb for the xt. It works on macs and PC.
      is the site to get patches from. (from one of the forum members)
      for software to connect and use the xt


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        Re: POD Questions

        I did finally figure out how to get to the online tone library, but when I try to open a particular tone my computer asks me which program I want to use to open the tone. I tried Acrobat Reader which was wrong and now every time I click on a particular tone it automatically tries to open it with Acrobat reader. hmmm..... I don't know how to get it to stop trying to open the patches with Acrobat Reader.


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          Re: POD Questions

          Stop right there!!!!

          Soundiver was a sad excuse for tone editing software. Go to the Line 6 site and download "Line 6 Edit." I did it for my Flextone and it works great:

          Then go Institute of Noise's Site and get some killer patches:

          Then go to Malhavok's site and get about a zillion patches:

          There's GOT to be something for you somewhere in all this dizzying array of tones.
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            Re: POD Questions

            Thanks a lot guys. You're a big help. I see what my problem is. I don't have Line 6 Edit on my computer.