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gibson sg standard vs. sg special

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  • gibson sg standard vs. sg special

    that sg special i was playing the other day is really tempting. it was pretty.
    but i wanted to know, are there any real differences between a standard and a special (not a faded) other than pickups? i was thinking about putting some money down on this special, and eventually putting a '57 classic at the bridge (not a duncan, i know, but i had this pickup in a les paul i used to have and it was god damn amazing). would this be a bad idea, or would it be more worth it to just go for the standard?
    either way, it's not like i'm gonna be able to get it any time soon, seeing as how i'm about to drop $400 to have my car towed to the shop and get a new timing belt put on.
    but there's no harm in getting excited over a future new guitar, i suppose.

    '05 gibson les paul studio vintage mahogany (DiMarzio Super Distortion/ SD Jazz)
    '04 gibson SG standard (BurstBucker Pro's)
    mesa/boogie 2-channel dual rectifier (with EL34's)
    marshall 1960A 4x12
    and a few pedals

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    Re: gibson sg standard vs. sg special

    I thought the Standard had pearl block inlays over the Specials dot inlays? Anywho, shop on ebay. You can get a standard for the price of a special. I got my SG X for $300 on Ebay. They go for $800 new.


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      Re: gibson sg standard vs. sg special

      The original Special vrs. Standard was really appointments. I believe they were the same guitars minus pickup covers on the special. I am trying to do this from memory so I couold be wrong. Carlos Santana played a SG special at woodstock. Check out that video to see the difference. I am pretty certain the standard had pu covers and the special did not! I am not aware of the differences in the new ones.
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        Re: gibson sg standard vs. sg special

        Originaly the special had p-90's . Now days it's basiclly a standard with dot-inlays, no pup-cover and no neck-bindning.
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          Re: gibson sg standard vs. sg special

          I played an SG Special side by side with the Epiphone G-400 Vintage and preferred the Epiphone. Better feel and better build. Maybe I just got a good one


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            Re: gibson sg standard vs. sg special

            If you're going to get a Gibson, save up and get a Standard. The resale value is MUCH MUCH better. I know in the past I've said that you should only buy guitars because you want them, not because you want to sell them. But let's face it, Gibsons are guitars that only hold their value. Standards and Customs are more highly regarded than almost any other guitars.
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              Re: gibson sg standard vs. sg special

              I have always found the Special to sound warmer as I do the '61 reissue but mostly due to the pickups. I find the Standard way too trebly but it plays better than the Special in my opinion. Better attention to the fretboard, etc....I guess.