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  • Pot Problem

    I just strated soldering the other day. So I decided to practice on my old beater guitar. Before I did this, I switched the tone pot from the middle pup to the bridge pup on my strat just to test the thing out, and it worked great.
    The beater guitar was all messed up, and didn't even work anymore, so I tried to re-wire it with all the old wires and parts. I used this diagram.

    I finished it and checked over the diagram a thousand times to make sure I did it right, and I did. The problem is that I went to see if it worked, and the only noise was a loud buzzing/hum when I touched two of the pots. One of the tones worked, and one of the buzzing volumes worked, too. It's a custim Deluxe tele with 2 humbuckers. 2 vol, 2 tone, and a 3 way switch.

    The question is that the pots are really disgusting. They're all rusted and corroded. Is this the problem? Could one of the pots be broken? Or couled I just not be soldering the connections the right way?


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    Re: Pot Problem

    It looks to me like the schematic you used should work... my guess is that it is the volume pots...