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  • Les Paul Suggestions?

    all right, guys (and girls, too..)

    I need some suggestions on getting a LP. I was looking at the Epiphone Gothic Studio, and that looks like a nice guitar, but is the quality horrible on it, like a fender vs squire thing? what do people say about them?

    because I will probably change the pickups out of it, I don't see why I should by a gibson, if it's the same guitar, but for half of the price?

    how does the quality of an epiphone gothic compare to an epiphone standard?

    what is the difference between the studio and the standard; just their looks?

    and finally, how will the epiphones compare to their gibson counterparts?

    I'm sorry for the lengthyness of my post, but thanks beforehand for helping me!

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    Re: Les Paul Suggestions?

    Take a long look at a used Gibby Studio or, better yet, used Hamers. There are some very nice Epi's out there ( I have 3 ), you just have to play a bunch to find them. The used Gibsons and Hamers give you much better hardware and wood quality than the Epi's for just a bit more coin as a new Epi. The Hamers even come loaded with Duncans.

    You can also look at the Guild Bluesbird. It's not exactly a Les Paul tone(they're chambered), but they are very nice nonetheless.
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      Re: Les Paul Suggestions?

      If you like the Les Paul design but don't want a Gibson you might want to check out the top of the line Epiphones. I played one this past week and it was great. $569.00 too! As far as I could tell the workmanship was top notch, and it played pretty good too.


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        Re: Les Paul Suggestions?

        As far as the difference between gibson and epiphone....

        No, they're not just the same guitars with different pickups and a different name. The gibsons use better wood (generally), and have better fit and finish. Though (especially with new pickups) epiphones can be real good guitars, they don't ususally give the same complex sound of a gibson.

        I'd reccomend playing lots of used lower end gibsons, or hamers (preferably the USA ones, but they're all nice)... and if you play one that grabs you by the cajones, buy it.

        I would stay away from buying an epiphone without playing it first, because it seems that too many of them are sonically dead. BTW, a good thing to do when shopping is to play them unplugged and listen real good, it gives you a better idea of the actual tone of the guitar, and what you have to work with when you do pickup changes, etc.

        just my $.02
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          Re: Les Paul Suggestions?

          I can tell you, you can totally compete axes if you pop in the right combo of pickups in an Epi. I love my Standard with the Custom in the bridge and the 59 in the neck. It's a rocking axe! But, of course it doesn't have the same charm as a Gibby. I'd compare the two more like Mexican and American Strats. Definetely not the case when comparing Squier and American Series Fender. Great guitars, no, with the right choice, AMAZING guitars when propped back up to life with a few mods, but if you have the buck for the Gibson, go for the real deal. Good luck bro! Sounds like either way you're going to have killer results and a nice axe slung around your neck!



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            Re: Les Paul Suggestions?

            wow, thanks, guys. You really are helpful!

            Yeah, my MIM strats and tele aren't just cutting it for me, anymore. I want a more thick tone than what I've got with them.

            Thanks for the suggestions, again, guys.