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  • Fender MIM Fret Size

    I know the frets are smaller on the MIM series than on the American series. The specs list the American series to have medium jumbo and the MIM to have vintage frets.

    Does this mean the Fender MIM has the same size frets as the Squier Affinity series or are the MIM a size in between the MIA and Squier Affinity? If the frets aren't too small I would consider a MIM Strat or Tele, with Seymour Pups added of course. even with the small frets it would still make a decent backup gtr for gigs.

    I played a friends Affinity Sqiuer just for fun when I was doing some adjustments and setup for him, though I don't care for the guitar, and I hate the really small frets. Tom Anderson medium frets are the best I have played on. They're nice and tall and not quite as wide as the Fender American series frets, thought the Americans are pretty nice depending on what a person likes.

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    Re: Fender MIM Fret Size

    I looked on the Squier page of the Fender site and read the specs. I don't know what year model my friend's Squier Affinity is but it certainly doesn't have medium jumbo frets, but according to the specs on the Squier web page all the Squier Strats and Teles have Medium jumbo frets. They have Alder or Agathis bodies.

    I noticed the MIM series guitars have also been updated to have Alder bodies. Years ago I had a MIM Strat that was poplar and I didn't care much for the body tone of that wood for a Strat.