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Stainless steel strings and regular frets

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  • Stainless steel strings and regular frets

    How bad is it to use ss strings on standard (nickle i guess) frets? I just love how you can pull off those PHs with ss strings.
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    Re: Stainless steel strings and regular frets

    They will wear down the frets faster than nickel strings. I asked Peavey about this a while back, and they actually recommended that I not use stainless steel strings for that reason. On the other hand, pure nickel strings will cause less wear to your frets than either nickel plated or stainless steel strings. I've been using pure nickel strings on my Wolfgnag for three years, playing it on a daily basis, and the frets still look brand new. Not even the slightest hint of any fretwear.

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      Re: Stainless steel strings and regular frets

      I use stainless steel strings on all of my guitars, which as far as I can tell, all have standard types of fretwire (Dunlop 6100s). They do tear up frets a little faster, and you have to recrown occasionally, but I've only had to do so once on my Tele in the last 5 years and I play it a lot. The Strat I've refretted twice. The Les Paul I haven't had to redress yet, but they're starting to see some wear on the lower frets. Maybe it depends on the guitar. I won't stop using stainless steel strings.