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    Re: Iced Earth!

    love Iced Earth, they are like Iron Maiden on steroids. John Schaffer is one of my favorite guitarists i was wondering if anyone had any idea what gear they use (guitars, amps that sorta thing) thanx
    i think Jon schaffer now uses a custom LP, thats what i saw in guitar player mag anyways..
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      Re: Iced Earth!

      I liked iced earth but i cant stand ripper owens this guy, I dont know i never really liked the whole operetic type vocal ahla maiden, halford. Plus i say the video where ripper [nice name ] was punching the air and screaming at the begining of it and i thought Schaffer why man why.

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        Re: Iced Earth!

        As for Jon Schaffer , he uses explorers and sg's most of the time, and his amps are custom built but i cant rember the guys name who builds them............And yes, they are awsome!


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          Re: Iced Earth!

          Originally posted by TwilightOdyssey
          That's a misconception, tho. Not all Priest has high vocal parts. In fact, on most stuff, Halford sings in the middle of his range, like Buce ****inson. The fact that so many vocalists try to 'pull a Halford' and sing in a register they simply can't is what made his vocal style seem so cheesy. In fact, it is not. Halford's voice is amazing, and the fact that he can enunciate while doing what he does vocally practically defies description ... the man is a mutant!!
          very true about Priest, i just got back from ozzfest, and he does the occasional high range scream and such, but 90% was normal range they were really friggen good live, i haven't heard much priest but damn it was Sabbath at ozzfest was even better...great 1st concert for me


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            Re: Iced Earth!

            Originally posted by LucidInterval
            King Diamond and Merciful Fate! That is just wacky.
            haha king diamond's one of my favorite singers ever, hes insane!
            Originally posted by Aceman
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