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clip of my new acoustic!!!

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  • clip of my new acoustic!!!

    one of the great songs of the olden days

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    Re: clip of my new acoustic!!!

    Awesome playing! Liked it a lot. Somebody answer the phone!!! What kind of acoustic did you get? Are those new or old strings? They sound a bit worn.

    I just picked up slide acoustic today because my friend left his acoustic at my house, so I decided I might as well mess it up with a slide I might post something, but I don't know what the hell I'm doing. The open tuning is forcing me to relearn some scales and stuff I played some for DSS and Zeppelinfan8790 already though.
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      Re: clip of my new acoustic!!!

      i got the guitar yesterday so the strings are still on there, dont knwo how old they are but they sound fine. i just put my mic up to it, so i didn't plug it into anything. i got a crafter acoustic, and it sounds awesome. i got another recording that's done that im gonna put on it in a couple minutes... think old slow blues/jazz stuff. and i used the lead throuigh the OD2 channel of my marshall avt150 and it sounds really cool,