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Help..I cant decide.

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  • Help..I cant decide.

    Its about the time for me to get a new guitar. Im sure I want a telecaster, but I am not sure which I should get.
    The sound I am looking for is something around Soundgarden and NIRVANA. So, it doesnt need to be too heavy, but not too twangy either.

    I was thinking, maybe an american tele with rosewood neck, and maybe replace the bridge single coil with a SD single coil humbucker, like the little 59.

    Also, does the american tele have the S-1 switching system? or is it just the american deluxe?

    And let me squeeze one more question in. Does anyone know how kurt got those odd sounds that you hear on the end of almost all the songs on the album 'from the muddy banks of the wishkah'? It sounds like he turns up the volume and tone on his guitar and hits some harmonics?

    Thanks for any help!