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Overheating Amp troubles?

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  • Overheating Amp troubles?

    Yesterday I was jammin with my band when my amp head just died. I freaked out then checked the reset button on the back of the head. After I pushed it came back on, as it should.

    My question is did the head get too hot that it just shut itself off? I jam in a practice room that gets way hot. I mean like 110 degrees or more sometimes. Do I need to set a fan close to it to keep it cooler.

    Also, if I have had to reset the amp a few times do I need to replace the reset switch soon?

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    Re: Overheating Amp troubles?

    Set a fan as close to the circut board and tubes as possible. If your playing a solid state amp, overheating should not be a problem but if it is, try and get it in there near the hottest part and the metal coils on the back which help cool tha amp down.
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      Re: Overheating Amp troubles?

      If it has a breaker switch on the back, and you run that SS amp loud all the time, Randall might have known they'd have a heat problem. They usually use giant heat sinks intead of a fan, so you could either keep one of those small clip on fans on the back, or put the whole rig up for sale, and move over to a tube amp. One reason most modeling heads are 300W is so they can handle the heat generated by transistors, when cranked. Tube amps are built to withstand heat better at high volumes.
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