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  • Line 6!!!

    if anyone has played one of these (please corect me if im wrong) they will know that they are the GOD of effects!!
    apart form the seemlesly endles possible efects one particular one caught my eye......

    it was a seting of delay that came back one bar (of programable length) later, and that played the full bar of what you had just done totaly backwards! in esence, with practice, you culd perform a totaly backwards solo!!! live!! improvised!! woow!!

    so yeh! is there any other way of doing this? i mean cheaper than a crazy 600 pounds?
    also is there a line 6 thingy that has a footpeday to control volume slash wah etc?

    please exuse the poor grammer i am very, very drunk!


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    Re: Line 6!!!

    I have to admit, the Line 6 stompboxes are the only digital pedals I've ever had that sounded great into the front of an amp. The tap tempo on the delay is great for playing live. The blue modeler may not 'blow away' analog FX, but having 4 sounds that are fully tweakable spoils me. I always look for the sounds that excite me, not necessarily trying to cop the familiar sounds of the past. Blending the green and blue pedals together really comes up with some crazy sounds!
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