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Another speaker question.....

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  • Another speaker question.....

    ... alright I know I ask alot of questions, so heres another one. I got an email back from jdesign cabs and he said it would cost $335 for a 1x12 elephant tolex, black weave grill, white piping, g12h 30 marshall cab clone with a removable 1/3 back. I'd say thats a pretty good deal for a custom cab considering marshalls 1x12 are impossible to find an expensive with the mediocre speaker. My question is just that I had a concern about the g12h 30, since this speaker is only 30 watts and the internal speaker in my amp is 100 watts would the internal speaker overpower it and defeat the purpose of an extension cabinet??? when a speaker has a low power rating like that does it mean that it is not loud? or does it mean that it simply cant handle all the power by itself but is still as loud as most other speakers? thanks
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