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How much would a MESA BOOGIE

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  • How much would a MESA BOOGIE

    Dual Rectifier cost? whats the cheapest MESA BOOGIE? How much would the Lonestar cost and is the LoneStar good? And sorry, its just that I'm new with MESA's...

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    Re: How much would a MESA BOOGIE

    You could try ebay for used prices, but you wont find new prices on the net, Not in the US anyway as mesa do not allow this..
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      Re: How much would a MESA BOOGIE

      Ya Ebay prices are as cheap as they get. Stevo is right, nothing Mesa sells is supposed to be marked down from its factory retail price otherwise music stores lose the right of selling Mesa/Boogie Products. So i agree with Stevo, your best bet is to find a used one on Ebay. You could probably find a Dual for a little over a grand on there.
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        Re: How much would a MESA BOOGIE

        LS=~1200 2x12 combo

        eBay's definetely the best bet if you want to go MESA.


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          Re: How much would a MESA BOOGIE

          It's all up to what you're looking for soundwise, but I far prefer the LoneStar to anything else Mesa has done.
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            Re: How much would a MESA BOOGIE

            mesa rectos go from 1200 to 1800 about give or take from single to triple. the f series is cheaper but it can still go up to 1500, while the nomad series is inbetween. I dont know about the older models though
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              Re: How much would a MESA BOOGIE

              The Nomad series is great if like me you prefer a cleaner Fender type tone (but with more prescence, versatility,and sweetness). The Rectifiers are better for hi-gain sounds.


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                Re: How much would a MESA BOOGIE

                The cheapest rectifier is the Single Rectifier at 1799 new here in Europe.(That's the head)Way too damn expensive if you ask me...


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                  Re: How much would a MESA BOOGIE

                  I found a used DC-5 head today for $499. I got a DC-5 combo that's cool. I'm tempted to buy the head. Going take my guitar and try it out tomorrow.