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question for american people

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  • question for american people

    Hi american friends, i'd like to know how much do you pay for a jackson kv2 (american model) there in US.

    Here in Italy (north!) it costs about 2300 .. 2500 US $

    Can it be tested in shop? Here is impossibile since nobody has it.

    Thanks in advance!
    Ast bilak parbilakar

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    Re: question for american people

    Where is my american friends?
    Ast bilak parbilakar


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      Re: question for american people

      PM Bones, he's gassin for a USA kelly hard.
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        Re: question for american people

        Hello my european buddy,

        Go to i seen them there for about 2000 .. if your going to buy new you will have to buy from europe as if you buy from the states you will ahve to pay extra taxes not to mention higher shipping costs..
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