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  • Fostex MR-8

    Anyone have any experience with one of these? I'm looking for a decent, cheaper, digital recording device, and this seems to fit the bill. Just want to see if anyone had any positive/negative experiences. Thanks!

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    Re: Fostex MR-8

    I had one and sold it. They are good for the money. I mean if you want to do quick recordings and transfer them into your comp for editing you can. Don't expect to do a 1k like recording but Like I said for the money they are pretty good. Try to find a memory card with 250mb so you have more time to record and be able to add more time on other tracks. Fostex might tell you that the only caards that work with the unit are the ones that they sell ore the ones they recommend. I bought my MR-8 at GC and they did not have any 250 cards so they called Circuit city and sent me right there to get it. It worked just fine.......
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      Re: Fostex MR-8

      I cant coment on the MR 8 but i bought a used VF-16 off Robert.s And judging from that Fostex are very reliable and gret machines..
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        Re: Fostex MR-8

        I had a fostex ( I think that model?) The good...It sounded great
        recording my band w/t sterio Mics. The bad... you can only record 2
        tracks at once. That's not to bad, But when you record have to have
        the pan knobs hard Right and hard left or it bleeds onto the track your
        recording. This becomes a problem during overdubs cuz' you can't make
        a rough mix. Overall it's a pretty good unit. Mine ran on batteries to
        witch was great for recording my band live.