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  • Jackson DKMGT

    Ok, I've been browsing these forums for a while, and you guys seem to know your stuff so here I am .
    I know these threads can get annoying, but I need some help.

    So i was wondering would this (Jackson DKMGT) be a good guitar for the styles I play. I play anything from blues to heavy metal. It would technically be my third guitar, but Im selling my second one because its really not a good guitar for me. I know that the pickups arent great (EMG HZs), but I plan on putting in a Duncan Distortion and a Jazz.
    So would this be a good choice?
    WTF, read the post, not this.

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    Yeah, that guitar would be just fine Im sure, but if I were you I would check out Schecter guitars before you purchase anything. For the price of a DKMGT you can get a much better guitar made by Shecter. Alot of Schecters are coming with Ducans stock, so thats a one up for sure.


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      Thanks, I'm really looking in the 006 Elite now.

      WTF, read the post, not this.