A long time ago, when I first got my DC-3, I emailed Mesa about whether removing 2 tubes to reduce the output was okay, and (IIRC) they said it was fine as long as you pulled either the outside or inside pair, and put the speaker in the other impedence jack.*

Well, that email is long lost, but tonight it occured to me to try it out AND THE TONE WAS MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!! I had started to get disillusioned with my amp a little, and I normally only play at 'room' volume, and the difference was absolutely amazing. It changed it's character, the amp really came alive, and interestingly my duncan custom - which I normally think is too piercing - sounded just right. The tone seemed to change; high presence lost it's shrillness.

The clean channel was much better dirty than it used to, awesome crunch and blues sounds, and the lead channel - which used to be a bit of a single sound chanel, and unuseable below 6.5 - had the greatest brownest sustaining touch-sensitive usable distortion at gain 3!!!!!!!

I couldn't stop playing. Having the power stage working hard really seems to be the secret with these amps, I'll be leaving it like this for a while

Just thought I'd share. I'll email Boogie to double check that I've done it right, because I'm not 100% on the changing-speaker-impedence thing.

*disclaimer: this is just from my memory, so I take no responsibility if you try it on your DC-3. IIRC The tubes won't last as long either.