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    Anybody tried the Duoverb? Musicians Friend has a pretty good price on them and I was wondering how authentic the amp models are. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Line 6

    they are okay sounding, not perfect but pretty good for a modeling amp. you can get a good tone from them.
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      Re: Line 6

      Having tried all the Line 6 gear as well as owning a Variax 500 (my main guitar), I can say that the Duoverb is fantastic at what it does. It emulates classic as well as modern amplifiers. Line 6 discontinued it and the combos are nonexistent anymore. You can still find the heads every so often just like you did from Musician's Friend. The reason it was discontinued is thast it had only amp models in it and it was almost a expensive as the Vetta. It also used the same amp models as the Vetta. The Vetta and Flextones have onboard modelling effects. The Duoverb lost out...

      Check here...

      Line 6 Duoverb Forum
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