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Custom and hard to find jackson parts

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  • Custom and hard to find jackson parts

    I found this web site about a month ago, and found some one who makes jackson parts. In the past I have found them very hard to find. I ordered a polished aluminum trem cover, truss rod cover, cavity cover, and pickup rings. The parts were outstanding in fit and finish. They fit better than the original factory parts!!!!! The customer service was truly OUTSTANDING!!!! I hope this may help someone looking for jackson parts. I almost forgot look at the testimonals and look at the red jackson SL-4. Tell me what you think.

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    Re: Custom and hard to find jackson parts

    That“s Budman“s site from the J/C Forums. He originally started out making replacements for the early ontario oversize pickup rings. I haven“t tried his stuff yet, but seeing as Phoenix“s restoration is nearing a close, I definitely will soon

    But the guys over at the JCF that have tried them were all ecstatic about them, particularly some of the custom touches (for example the rings in original size, or made to fit emgs, or Duncans, or Lawrences/Dimebuckers).
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