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    Re: If you have no idea what you´re doing....

    Originally posted by Zerberus
    Original (read: Non-reissue)´67 Flying V, bought by dad because of it´s investment value in addition to its players value. 15 year old kid: chiseled(!!!) away wood for a Floyd and a third humbucker, mounted switches for all kinds of stuff that didn´t work, took apart and attempted to "4-wire" the original P.A.F.s., installed black plastic covers as well , Installed a second tone knob with hole, and engraved his initials just about everywhere. Oh, did I mention he refinished it in neon green with red stripes, in non-matching (chemically) paints, and made it a fretless without filling the slots but still scalloped the last 10 frets, obviously scarring the wings with the file as well. The hardware was all tarnished and corroded, as if someone had tried to chemically strip the plating and failed miserably
    I read a similar story awhile back.

    Some kid had a 50's or 60's all original Strat (I believe) that he wanted a humbucker installed in. Apperently, every shop in town refused to route the guitar out. One of the guys who refused saw the kid playing at a local venue with a horible wound in it that he had done with a screwdriver.

    When asked why he did it; "no one would do it for me, so I did it myself."

    Then he explained to the kid what the guitar used to be worth, and what it's worth now.....
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