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15" speakers????

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  • 15" speakers????

    Opinions wanted.....I've got a PV Classic 30 and want an extension cab. I've found one with a 15" eminence speaker (I'm assuming it's the delta blues ext. cab). Anyway, what are your thoughts on it. I've got a V30 in my combo and play blues/rock/hard rock. I'm thinking it might sound pretty good.


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    Re: 15" speakers????

    I'm not sure. I've never played through one, but I'd imagine a larger bass response and a little more open tone. I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem. Might want to get some of the Speaker Expertise in here to share their opinions as well.



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      Re: 15" speakers????

      I would give it a try. The V30 is fairly mid concentrated and having the 15" would reinforce the bass(of course), just be sure that the cab is closed or ported. Having an open back tends to make 15"s kind of loose especially when cranked.
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        Re: 15" speakers????

        It should improve your bass response, but I'd echo AcidBurn's suggestion of making sure it's a closed cab, because an open back 15 sounds incredibly flabby for guitar.


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          Re: 15" speakers????

          OK guys, thanks. I'm almost positive it's closed back, but I'll check to make sure. Appreciate the responses!


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            Re: 15" speakers????

            The two most important variations in speaker driver charateristics with size are efficency and frequency response at the top.

            The efficiency (louder sound for the same number of watts) increases with size, in general.

            The top end gets worse with increasing size, because the resonant frequency decreases (in general), and because of some complicated propagation effects. (This is the resonance at the top end that matters here; there is one at the bottom end as well that sets the lowest useful frequency.)

            12" really seems to be the best compromise for guitar. The resonance sets the guitar voicing and gives very high efficiency in the frequency range where it is needed most.

            The somewhat lower resonance of the 15" is great for most bass applications, but it might not give enough "snap" for some styles.
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              Re: 15" speakers????

              Email Ted at WeberVST, he'll recommend the best 15 for that amp. The man knows is thing.
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                Re: 15" speakers????

                Thanks for all the input. I think I'm going to continue to look for the classic 1x12 instead. Found out that the 1x15 is open back. Plus, that'll give me more options to play around with different speakers!!