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30 watts or less tube amp reccomendations?

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    Re: 30 watts or less tube amp reccomendations?

    I saw one of these: go for a litle over $500 on ebay the other day. New they go for around $900 but if your in no hurry check the gear pages classifieds and HC and you may get lucky. I have been gassing for this amp for months now...

    Low wattage rocks!
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      Re: 30 watts or less tube amp reccomendations?

      Originally posted by Brow
      Depending on what sort of sound you want, I really like the sound of the Marshall JTM30 combos. They have a nice clean sound (especially good imo for a Marshall) and have a vintage sounding distortion channel that can really get quite dirty when you crank it.

      Just my opinion

      uhhhhhhhh oh god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Holy crap, holy holy crap, I had no idea marshall even made a JTM 30 combo, oh man oh man oh man. I can't find it listed on the Marshall site, is it called something different? I found 2 ebay auctions that had been going for 2 days, both only at $150, oh man if this amp retails for anywhere around $500 I'm going to cum all over and simeltaneously beat the managers of local shops for not stocking it.

      [edit] ******, after calling about 10 guitar shops, I managed to figure out that they were discontinued in around 2001 and sold for between $500-600. I also learned most guitar shop workers are idiots and don't understand the concept of a reissue, and told me that the JTM 45 was from the 60's, even when I asked about a JTM 30 reissue

      So anyway, I take it you own one Brow, am I correct? Could you possibly give a more in depth synopsis of the JTM 30, both clean and distorted, and possibly post some clips? I'm almost tempted to buy one off of ebay without hearing it, but my jew-instincts just won't let me.

      Thanks again for any help,
      Oxygen-Enriched Tonologist
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