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Eric Clapton - Midrange Boost

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  • Eric Clapton - Midrange Boost

    Does anyone have the web site that sells the captioned boost?
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    Re: Eric Clapton - Midrange Boost

    Did you try Torres Engineering and GuitarElectronics?

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      Re: Eric Clapton - Midrange Boost
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        Re: Eric Clapton - Midrange Boost

        England =
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          Re: Eric Clapton - Midrange Boost

          I think Stew-Mac might have it, not sure though. This thread makes me GAS a little for one though
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            Re: Eric Clapton - Midrange Boost

            I bought mine online from They sell the complete kit (3 pots, circuit, jack, etc...) for $85 US.


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              Re: Eric Clapton - Midrange Boost

              That boost kit is great! I'm planning for that one to be stock on my future Warmoth Custom Strat.


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                Re: Eric Clapton - Midrange Boost

                Anyone know where there are schematics for one? I'd like to make one.