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Help with my DD-3

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  • Help with my DD-3

    Okay guys, so I picked up a Boss DD-3 at the guitar center this weekend, but I've never used a delay pedal before, I've always used preset delay on my amp, and I cant get jack I like out of the dd3 in the 45 minutes I spent toying it with it since I got home. Everything is slapback, echo-like stuff, and I cant get where to make it sound right, can somebody lend a hand? I just need some 'normal' delay sounds.
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    Re: Help with my DD-3

    I usually have the first 2 knobs on 10, the 3rd at 2 and the last on the 800ms.


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      Re: Help with my DD-3

      i hated my old dd-3, buy an Ibanez DE-7, they sound WAY better and are cheaper and easier to use for me at least.