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durable (but cheap) guitar...

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    Re: durable (but cheap) guitar...

    i just thought of somethin though, a mexican tele would have a lot more potetnial for modding the hell out of it, and that would be fun. hmm....decisions, decisions....
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      Re: durable (but cheap) guitar...

      If you like metal, and like the idea of a Tele.... then i'd go to and get one of those Esquire Custom GT's. Their going for $299 right now, and they look like the perfect guitar for hard rock. And they even have an SD Invader!

      Looks like they have Am. Std. style hardware too. And with a set-neck, i don't think you can go wrong for $299! Not to mention those cool "race car" finishes with the competion stripes.

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        Re: durable (but cheap) guitar...

        I've got a MiM Tele for ya' if you're interested....check you PM.

        Anyone else interested, check out:

        2nd one from the last.


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          Re: durable (but cheap) guitar...

          Jackson JS Series. Swap out the pickups and you´ve usually got a keeper
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