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  • new Line 6 stuff out!

    just checked the Line 6 website, and they just came out with a new series of stomboxes called the tone core stomboxes. O SICK! they look and sound pretty kick ass. duno if i will end up with one.... they are anywhere between 100$ and 200$. but everyone should go check um out. aslo- i noticed Line 6 put out a floorboard version of the PODXT, kind of like the Vox Tonelab SE. that aslo looks pretty sick, but i dont have 400$ to spend on that one..... o well, u guys should all take a look at those. peace
    my gear: '80s fender bullet (tele style)
    fender dg20ce acoustic
    peavey blazer 15 watt
    line 6 pod 2.3 and floorboard
    Atomic Reactor 112
    Warmoth double fat strat w/ SD Jb bridge and Dimarzio Humbucker from Hell