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modding a G-Flex

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  • modding a G-Flex

    I was thinking of throwing a V30 and G12H30 combo in my G-Flex, then add a wheat grill for a more traditional look. What do you think? I've never been inside my G-Flex (would have the work done by an amp tech friend) and was wondering if anyone knows if this thing is built well enough to be worth the trouble, or is it a particle board piece of **** designed for nu-metal de-tuners (no offense guys, that's just not my taste right now)?

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    Re: modding a G-Flex

    It is far from a particle board piece of junk designed for nu-metal de-tuners...which I happen to like....among other things.

    Seriously, check out the Genz benz site for specs, as it is made well!


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      Re: modding a G-Flex

      I heard this thing is built like a tank! I was this close to getting one, but the seller stopped responding to my emails, man how disappointing too, it was like 200 bucks! I heard George Lynch used it, but I've never tried it

      Could you tell me a little about the sound please? Is this thing good for lead players too? I'm looking for heavy, thick but articulate riffing under high gain (wanna hear those palm mutes too, baby!, pure clean sounds, and harmonically rich leads that don't sound thin. Probably going to put a JCM800 2210 (100W), Rivera Knucklehead or Silver Jubillee 2555 on top of it. Does this thing present your sound well at lower volumes?
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        Re: modding a G-Flex

        I think the G-Flex is made from MDF, at least that's what I've heard.