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Phase 90 mod - quick and easy!

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  • Phase 90 mod - quick and easy!

    I just did the R28 mod to a new MXR Phase 90 and it is much smoother and mellower than the stock unit. I don't know why they don't leave that resistor out in the first place.

    If anyone doesn't know, you just clip a tiny wire and that's all there is to it. Jusr do a google search for pics. It's said to make it sound like the original 'script' version. Definitely took the harshness out of it. Took a whole 5-10 minutes to do. Highly recommended.
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    Re: Phase 90 mod - quick and easy!

    Don't own one but that is very useful information.

    Thanks SCS

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      Re: Phase 90 mod - quick and easy!

      maybe to combat the signal loss when run over distortion?
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        Re: Phase 90 mod - quick and easy!

        did that mod long time ago. great and easy mod
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