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opinions on peavey studio pro 112

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  • opinions on peavey studio pro 112

    Hey guys,

    I bought my g/f a cheapie monterey strat to learn guitar on, and am looking around for a cheap amp for her (also, for my backup use when I don't have my amp at home). Also, needs to be able to be able to be used for jamming with a band.

    Spotted a Peavey studio pro 112 in a local 2nd hand store, but since they don't have any lefty guitars in stock it's kinda pointless me trying it out..

    any opinions apreciated. Any other suggestions would be good. I'm looking at around $300-$400 (AUS)

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: opinions on peavey studio pro 112

    Try to find a used Classic 30 or a used Ultra there cheap.


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      Re: opinions on peavey studio pro 112

      I don't know if Peavey has changed alot about their amps in the last 20 years or not, but i have an 82 Studio Pro with a 12, and that has to be the sweetest sounding solid state i've ever heard. Has tube-like warmth, and with its "post gain and pre gain" setting, you can dial in a great breaking-up sound. Plus, its LOUD! If you can find one of these older ones, i'd grab it! My grandfather paid like $120 USD for it with an old Global LP Junior copy about 12 years ago. Great amp!

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