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guitar wood problems

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  • guitar wood problems

    hi guys

    i was just wondering what people have to say about certain woods. like i have a mohogany sg and a alder strat and a maple es 135 and they all sound fine but im doing a project and i nead to know what wood to use. im trying to copy john petruccis guitar because i just played one it felt sooooo killer. the sound didnt do anything for me but it felt like a dream. i know i am having a birdseye maple neck and a rose wood fret board. but i nead to know what wood to use for a body. i know his is basswood but im kinda of scared of it. does it still have good sound when its that light?
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    Re: guitar wood problems

    Basswood is supposed to be warm sounding but still light. However the wood is very soft and dings very easy.

    This link has great explanations on tonewoods. Click on 'wood descriptions' on the left.


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      Re: guitar wood problems

      Hej man...... you forget to sya that Basswood is a very MIDDY wood.
      thatīs why petrucci uses the steves special(used) on the bridge.
      with a lot of highs and bass.... but with atenuated MIDDS.
      to match the wood and amp tones.
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        Re: guitar wood problems

        Here's a tip. Knock on wood. (literally)

        Listen to the pitch of the knock.
        If it's a high pitch, it's going to be really bright.
        If it's a low pitch, it's going to be really warm.

        When knocked on, mahagony is really deep sounding. Alder is much higher. (ash even higher) Basswood is in the middle somewhere.


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          Re: guitar wood problems

          oh btw, good luck with your project