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Amp and mic question

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  • Amp and mic question

    i'm new to this forum, but what i wanted to know is:

    the amp i'm buying is a 100watt solid state amp, it has an input for a mic and i wanted to know that if i played through the amp on guitar and ran a mic through at the same time, loud enoughf to be heard on stage with the drums, would that be ok for the amp.

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    Re: Amp and mic question

    ah, all i can tell you is to not do it. you will lose guitar tone, plus the mic won't sound very good through it anyway. if your going to be performing with a band, get a PA system. You can get some pretty good deals on PA packages.

    guitar is it's own thing. I don't think your guitar would be very happy with a mic getting in it's business!

    btw, if your going to buy a 100w solid state amp, use the money to buy a tube amp of lower wattage. valve-drive amps seem to be louder. what i mean is a 50 watt tube amp is much louder than a 50 watt solid state amp. you'll be happy with the decision later on. (trust me, you want tube!!) what kind of amp are you looking at?


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      Re: Amp and mic question

      I agree. Guitar amps should not be used for P.A's. What amp has a mic input on it? If you really want a good solid state amp, look into Randall or Marshall. If you decide to go with a tube amp, remember that tubes amps don't sound good unless they are turned up all the way.
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        Re: Amp and mic question

        Are we talking about an acoustic amp? I know that some of them have mic inputs. That's not ideal, but it can work ok.

        Electric guitar amps have speakers that are voiced differently, and usually don't sound so good for vocals.

        More details?
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