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  • Need Help With New Amp!!!

    Hey guys. Right now I'm playing out of a Vox Valvetronix amp and while its good, I'm sure I'd be able to getter a better tone out of a tube amp. In short, I'd rather have a great 1-trick pony rahter than a mediocre modeling amp. I'm considering either the Marshal DSL 201, 401, or a Jubilee combo. I've heard great things about the Jubilee. Also, it is switchable between 25 and 50 watts. However, I've never played one of these amps before (and most likely never will). I've tried the 201 and 401 and while good, did not exactly thrill me. Basically, what I'm asking is to go with an amp that everyone raves about that I haven't played, or play it safe with an amp that might grow on me. What do you suggest? By the way, I don't want to buy it and have to deal with selling it back to someone and I'd like a smooth overdriven sound a la Gary Moore, Warren Haynes, etc.

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    Re: Need Help With New Amp!!!

    I love the dsl. But if you did not then get the jub. Some say it is the best marshall for hard rock. If you find one you can get, get it quick
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      Re: Need Help With New Amp!!!

      Which Valvetronix model do you have? Funny you mentioned those two amps, because in my homestudio room, I have a 2550 Jubilee head on the slant Jubilee cab, and the Vox AD60 on the straight Jubilee cab. That gives me a perfect oppty to compare them side by side, not to mention trying to model the Jubilee sound with the Vox. The trick, I've found is to try the amp models that do that sound the best, EQ it, then use the OD models to tailor the tone till it sounds perfect.
      You can't plug into a Valvetronix or Line 6 in the store and master all the options. You gotta really sit down, shut off the FX n verb, and start spinnin knobs till you get what you're after. Try your amp with the best cab you can get. If you have a combo, keep in mind that the particle board cab and OK speaker/s aren't up to the level of the amp itself. If most of your playing is at low or reasonable volumes, the Vox is fine.
      If you're in a rehearsal/gigging situation, you may be should use a tube amp.
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        Re: Need Help With New Amp!!!

        Thanks for the opinions, keep 'em coming!
        Gearjoneser - I do have the combo version of the Vox and I'll only be using it in a bedroom situation, at least until I graduate college. I know that one has to use tube amps at a suitably loud volume for them to shine, but I thought that I could use the Jubilee combo on its 25 watt setting and crank it. Would this work well and be too loud? The only reason for getting a tube amp for me is to get a better tone. However, I'm not disatisfied with the Vox's tone, per se, but I think that I could get my tone to sound much better. I'm pretty sure I want to replace the Vox, but I'm hesitant to purchasing something relatively expensive without trying it out first.


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          Re: Need Help With New Amp!!!

          Wow. A Jubilee in your bedroom will knock the filings out of your neighbors tooth.

          Which amp models on the Vox do you love? If there are any, maybe that's where you should start your search.

          I've briefly owned several several examples of the Valvetronix. I tried both heads, the VTX 60 and the regular Vx. I really think for bedroom futzing around, you might have the perfect amp. Tons of option, pretty darn good tone, plus it's got a headphone out feature. You can scale down the power settings.

          If this is just an extreme case of GAS, I'd say, keep your Vox until you're sure you like the new one, whatever that will be.

          I'll probably own another 60 watt Vox head at some point.

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            Re: Need Help With New Amp!!!

            I actually played a Jubilee combo Saturday that really kicked. I liked my Triamp better, but it's perfect for that rich Marshall crunch.

            Here's the kick, I was able to turn it up at a pretty good volume without disturbing people around me. I was able to turn some heads, which felt pretty cool.
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              Re: Need Help With New Amp!!!

              Jubilee in your bedroom will knock the filings out of your neighbors tooth.
              I was able to turn it up at a pretty good volume without disturbing people around me
              ???? Which one to believe?
              Scott F. - I just wanted to make sure that you know I'm talking about the combo version that can be either 25 or 50 watts. If so, do you think that it'll be too loud? Could I use an attenuator or something to "tame" it if its too loud? Should I just quit whining and stick with the Vox?
              Decisions, decisions.


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                Re: Need Help With New Amp!!!

                I am comparing to the Jubilee head and 4x12 that Gearjoneser has and I got to fool with.

                25 tube watts can be really loud. Multiple speakers sound better at low volumes if you ask me, so go with a 2x12 if you can. 50 tube watts can be a real pistol.

                For a bedroom player than can only have one amp, the Vox Vx makes a lot of sense and it sounds really nice. For stage work, it's probably not going to be my first choice.


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                  Re: Need Help With New Amp!!!

                  yeh and 25watts tube is quiet loud indeed...
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