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  • Biu - Give us an SX review

    Hey Biu, why don't you give us a review of your new SX? Judging from your clip, it sounds pretty good, but how does it play out of the box? Is it a decent axe, or a p.o.s.? Which model did you get? The SST57? I've been considering the white (yellow) one, and I'd like to know what to expect.

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    Re: Biu - Give us an SX review

    Hey, sorry I didn't check out this thread earlier! I got a red SST57. I posted a review on another thread, but I don't mind typing it up again.

    Nice, sweet tone. The alder sounds really good despite the mediocre stock pickups. You can really hear it shine through. It cuts through pretty well, too. No mud here, probably because I'm not used to the brightness of alder; all my other guitars are either Mahogany or Korina.

    Very smooth player. The neck is a semi-thin to medium size. A nice sort of C shape to it. Great for blues and easy enough to play on for faster styles like 80's metal. It's well rounded for not only playing rhythm, but leads too. I don't know why, but this guitar has an uncanny ease of bending. I have 9's on it and it bends easier than my Ibanez SA160QM, which also has 9's.
    Excellent sustain. It has a really resonant quality to it unplugged too. It's got this beautiful jangle that sounds like a mix between electric solid body, semi-hollow, and acoustic. NO fret buzz ANYWHERE. The frets feel so professionally made and smooth. Love playing on it, plugged or unplugged. It just sounds so great. I love it.

    I give this guitar a 9 because it's only faults were with bad pickups, but as you can probably tell from my clip "Ms. Teen Drama Queen" (1st song below!) it's not a problem with a good guitar FX processor. You can really hear how bad the pups are through a tube amp though But either way, you should change the pickups if you get one, it'll make it sound THAT MUCH BETTER! I'm putting a DiMarzio Fast Track 2 in mine soon. Probably a set of Little '59s in the neck and middle positions as well.

    Also, check out my other clips if you want to hear the roar of my favorite humbuckers! "Ms. Teen Drama Queen" was 100% single-coils.
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      Re: Biu - Give us an SX review

      $99 sounds a little TOO good to be true, great gift idea for the begining guitarist though