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Ash or Mahagoney?

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  • Ash or Mahagoney?

    I'm gonna be ordering the body for my Warmoth project pretty soon and I still can't decide on wood type...I know i don't want alder 'cuz I've already got an alder Strat.

    I'm lookin for a middle-of-the-road guitar for punk rock, grunge, and heavy metal. My main influences include Nirvana, Weezer, Green Day, Sublime, Nine Inch Nails, and some heavier stuff including Superjoint Ritual and Slayer.

    I'm leaning towards an ash Strat body with a Custom 5 bridge/59 Neck and a string-thru bridge and standard maple/rosewood neck...but I'm not sure.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    I have 2 maple guitars, 1 basswood, one alder, one ash.

    Mahogany is HEAVY and warm sounding. Huge tone, tho.
    Alder is huge and warm, but more midrange PUNCH than mahogany.
    Ash has great clarity and bite; very tight sounding. Can get heavy, too.
    Maple is heavy and bright; probably not what you're looking for.
    Basswood is a tasty wood, very resonant, and lightweight, great bass response.
    I wouldn't recommend poplar; it's lightweight but the guitar sounds very small with this wood.

    Hope that helps!
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          Ash, because it's tight and snappy.


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            I have an ash strat with maple neck, never liked it, kind of thin sounding no matter what pups I've tried. I'm not really a strat person to be honest, but I've played other ones that sounded a lot fatter to me. Great for cleans though, especially the in between positions. YMMV.


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              I'd go
              Mahogany or Limba (korina)
              its very similar to mahogany but "a little more musical" that's the best way i an describe it
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                  Mahogany. Ash may be a bit too lively, snappy and bright for those styles of music.
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                    i love mahogany........i have brian moore i1...which is strat like and it has tone out the yin-yang!!!
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                      It looks like everybody's voting for only qualm with it is that everybody says it's heavy, and I like to be able to move around and toss my guitars and stuff (yeah yeah yeah PUNK ROCK whatever) so I dunno...does mahogany only seem heavy 'cuz Les Pauls are so big, or what?
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                        Mahogany. Or KORINA! WHOO KORINA!!!

                        My dream is to make a black Korina Explorer with a chambered body. Mmmm...


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                          I think it's those massive Les Paul bodies that make them weigh so much. If you glance at the ash and mahogany bodies over at the Warmoth showcase, they don't look that much different (make sure you compare bodies with the same control and trem routes, I made that mistake at first).

                          Then take a look at the weight of their Les Paul bodies. Woah! Those things are a pound or more heavier than their mahogany strat bodies.

                          Talk about weight:
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                            Alright, looks like I'll probably get the mahogany, then...thanks everybody!

                            BTW MattPete, that's a very purdy Strat in your avatar.
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                              Originally posted by Empty Pockets

                              BTW MattPete, that's a very purdy Strat in your avatar.
                              That strat is all Warmoth, finish included.
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